Ready-Made Meal Ordering and Delivery

All our meals serve 1 unless otherwise stated.

No. We don’t require a subscription

Yes we do, as long as we have a complete address within our nominated areas

Yes we can, there is a fee of $7.50 per delivery. Don’t forget to provide a rapid number with your order (plus any delivery instructions).

Your meals are personally delivered in a chilltainer box, with a frozen ice pack, unless you choose to use your own chilly bin (discount offered)

Once you receive delivery, we recommend you chill or freeze your meals as soon a possible

Meals will be delivered approximately between 4-7 pm

Your meal is packed in a bioware container and vacuum sealed for freshness and hygiene purposes.

Payment is made via an online secure gateway

Delivery is free within the Arrowtown area with a minimum spend of $30

Delivery is free for Queenstown with a minimum spend of $50

Otherwise there will be a delivery charge of $7.50

Yes. Most meals can be frozen as they are freshly cooked to order.

Unfortunately the biocane containers are not recyclable here, but as they are made of sugarcane pulp they can be put into your home compost (or burnt in your fire).

Your gel Ice packs can be used over and over. They do not contain nasties or toxic ingredients. When you no longer need them, snip the bag, empty gel into a bowl, add a teaspoon of salt to create a liquid. Pour down the sink. The plastic casing goes in the rubbish.

We recommend slowly defrosting the meals overnight in the fridge

You will receive a confirmation email upon ordering. If you don’t receive an email your order hasn’t been processed. Contact us if it isn’t there (Please check your spam mail first). Thank you.